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cat yawning in bed

Lola Marie

Lola Marie is special. I know everyone thinks THEIR pet is special, but Lola Marie IS special, and yes, whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. That's why I'm here, right?

So to make sure she's healthy as can be, I've bought many special foods from The Barfer Shoppe ever since Lola Marie was a kitten. I keep her treats on a 3-shelf cart next to the sofa in the living room. Recently, I fell asleep watching TV, woke up, knocked the cart, and her bag of WildSide Freeze Dried Salmon fell down. I was too groggy to pick it up. About 3 am, Lola Marie woke me, with little sweet cries. She had carried the bag to my bed, put it in my face, crying sweetly, asking me to open it for her. She did not open the bag or rip it apart. I couldn't help myself, I of course gave her some pieces in bed. It was so sweet. Did I mention Lola Marie is a cat, not a dog???????

Thank you, Barfer Shoppe. Your products keep my baby healthy! Top priority in my life!

Wanda J. Laborde

Houston, Texas


Dharma has been on the BARF Raw Diet Beef Patties for almost two years and it has significantly reduced her skin allergy issues. No stomach issues either! She stalks me at feeding time and licks the bowl clean!! We love it!!!   

  -Felicia Bures


Buddy Slough

I LOVE going to The Barfer Shoppe.  I find all sorts of treats – Squid, duck hearts, Lamb’s tripe.  I get to choose a raw diet – chicken, beef, duck, lamb from different vendors so I’m never bored with my food.  And did I say they are all free from nasty preservatives and junk?  My coat has never looked better.

-Buddy Slough

cat playing with bag


I own a Purebred Bengal cat approx 9 years old.  From the beginning, she has absolutely loved the many varieties of dried treats offered by Susan Beans of the Barfer Shoppe.  In particular, "Bangle" loves the Wildside Salmon treats.  So much so, that she climbs 5 shelves up in my pantry to get to them if I accidentally leave the pantry door open.  She chews completely through the foil packaging, destroying it in the process, to get to her favorite treats!  I have resorted to storing them in a metal, "Bangle-proof" tin cannister for those times I neglect to close my pantry door!
She also enjoys the rabbit treats and the various beef "jerky" treats, but her new, absolute favorite is the duck hearts!   I would heartily recommend any of these!
Lori Lohmann-Bell

Ike is a lucky dog.  He was rescued during Hurricane Ike which is how he earned his name.  Ike loves eating BarfWorld raw diet.  The patties are convenient and easy to feed and Ike's coat is soft and beautiful.  He also has lots of energy!
-John Hewett


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